Sunday, February 27, 2011

Farmville Virginia

Each ware house was filled with name brand furniture.  Century, Henredon, Clyde Pearson, Thomasville, Lexington, Hooker,

When I heard people talking about Farmville, my first thought was it must be like Canton, TX or Marburger Farms.  We kept asking questions & people would just say "everybody goes to shop there.  There's so much stuff it'll take you a week to see it all."

So what kind of shoes do we wear?  How do we dress?  Do we take a trailor?  We had no idea.  So we headed out in my friend's Tahoe, had on our most comfy flip flops & layers of clothes.

We drove into a little po-dunk town.  The whole thing was maybe 2 miles long.  We stopped at a little gas/convenience store to ask where this huge place is located.  The little girl said, "Go 2 blocks turn left and there it is."

We followed the directions & we saw one little quaint place after another and at the very end of the street........  there was the "warehouses".  OH MY!
One warehouse had nothing but millions of rugs from India, Pakistan, Turkey.  The sales rep was so amazing
We walked in with a painting and our color palette, and told her the size we needed.   She walked to
one main area.  Called her guys over & started saying "Flip, flip, flip, pull, flip, flip......pull, pull"
TEN MINUTES later we had purchased 2 fine wool rugs.  She was a-maaaaaazing!  

Everyone was right.  Our day went way too quickly.  But we
got most of what we went for.  We had to stay focused.  I hope I have
the opportunity to visit there again one day.  But it will be a 2 week trip next time!

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