Sunday, August 1, 2010

Welcome to the Sytsma Home
The inspiration for this room came from the large poppy print which she found for a steal! I was so jealous. Robin's egg blue was chosen for the walls & ceilings to bring out that same color that is in the background writing on the floral print. It also gave a subtle tone amidst the denim sofa and chair. Merideth has carried the black shelf and the red shelf to every apartment she's ever lived in. They've been a multitude of colors. But they look cool no matter what room we put them in. She's also carried this milk crate (shown below) around for years. We hung it as a shelf above the striped chair that she bought off Craig's list.

Although the Tv is as wide as the table underneath, she wouldn't part with the table. It was her grandmothers' and it too has been painted every color imaginable. It still has the original hardware. Old suitcases were used to house the DVD player and to hide the cords. The little white chair was found on the side of the road begging to be rescued.

Here's another shelf that we placed in the dining room. She received some very neat pictures and accessories for wedding presents that worked out perfectly in the grouping.

Be watching for her master bedroom. It's green, black, white, and red!

Kallie Shae's room

Kallie Shae just turned 3 and declares that she is The Princess.. She needed the larger bedroom due to her vast array of clothes, kitchen set and baby doll toys. She's now in a full sized bed which takes up 3/4 of the room. I placed the bed against the wall to give her the maximum amount of play space and used her pink refrigerator as a night stand. The armoire is large, and houses the TV, therefore; the only place to place it was between the two windows.
She manages to have her stroller, table and chairs and her babies all lined up to watch her Disney Princess movies, which she knows them all by heart.
I must say,"She is the Sweetest Princess of them all!"

Sneak Peek was a great success. Close friends and family came in and were so complimentary about the uniqueness of the studio. My cohorts have a fabulous selection of unique, fun, but classy jewelry. Something for every occassion!