Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paneled offices don't have to be BORING!

This office was originally cluttered with boxes, papers, file cabinets in a different place....atrocious!
But, with a lot of organization, moving the furniture placement.... utilizing the same exact desk (that was not in good shape) and the plain wood atop metal brackets, this office was transformed into a warm, comfortable inviting place that actually made coming to see the personnel director a pleasure!

Cannon Federal Credit Union Branch Office

Break room of CFCU Branch office. You should bank here. They have fresh hot baked cookies every Friday!
Loan office. Love that red wall & new red chairs

CFCU major renovation: Added new tile rug in the new member service desk.

Custom floral arrangements
Motto of the Credit Union
One of the loan offices. Looking busy .... Must be making lots of new loans today!