Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Junkin gone crazy!

 Today I had the day off and on the spur of the moment, I called a friend, we hit the trails of all the places I'd been wanting to go but was too scared to go by myself.    This definitely proves two are better than one.  WE WERE BRAVE! We went to some pretty scary off the road junk places (not really junk shops and certainly not antique shops); however, we didn't linger long at any of them.  But our last stop of the day was at the salvage yard.  Look what we found!!!!!
I spotted this base to an antique stove and thought this would make a GREAT base for an ottoman!   What would you do with it?
Not sure if this was part of an old piano or what. But I'm going to create a headboard.  All of the beautiful scroll work is gone, but look at the design it left.  So, I'm just going to clean it up a bit more then stain & wax it.  I think the design will be amazing.

A Peak at all the found treasures today.

The white iron spool will become a candlestick.  The iron wheel has great orange, rust, and black patina.  2" candles will fit perfectly in the holes, so it too will become a candleabra.  The wood scroll piece is just quaint. I could not let it rot in the junk pile.

This metal basket has a handle and sturdy feet.  If you love Restoration Hardware, this basket is for you.  The possibilities are endless!!!

I'm thinking about rusting this piece or painting it black; use small alligator clips to hang pictures in the center.

Not sure about this piece yet.  Could hang from the ceiling for pot rack, or on the wall as a towel rack or ?????  What are your ideas?

This is just another close up of the wood piece.  LOVE the pattern.

My friend has been junking at a lot of places, but never a JUNK YARD.  We are forever bonded.