Friday, December 31, 2010

China Cabinets Should Tell a Story

China Cabinets were designed to showcase beautiful china dishes & glassware. But more times than not, I discover that china cabinets are a hodgepodge of mishmash. The minute I see that, I want to take everything out & show the person how beautiful their treasures can be. Just like every room or shelf or cabinet, editing must happen.

I change my cabinet out seasonally. For winter I use my white china that is trimmed in silver and add my antique green glasses, green depression glass, and some green and white dishes that I received from a sweet 90 year old dear dear friend. She's given me several treasures throughout the years. Each time I place those dishes in this cabinet I'm reminded of sweet memories of her. I also add the green leaf dishes that my mother in law gave me that she purchased when they got married while living in China when my father in law was in the navy. These too tell a story. Each time she sees them on display, she reminisces about their early years of married life; how they survived some very hard times, and how being so far from her family forced her to make friends.

Teapots say friendship. One of my favorite things to do is invite one or several girlfriends over for a hot cup of chai tea and a cookie. Special times..... Special memories!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You can do what you already know how to do.

The reason you get a coach/mentor is to do the things that you cannot do.’ T. Rauffman.

One of the most frustrating things a designer faces, is to be hired by a client who asks your opinion, but then in the next breath, asks the painter, the drywall guy, the electrician, and the flooring store what they think. Then the client looks back at me and says, "What do you really think?"

Inventory 2010

Christmas is here. Thought I would post pictures in hopes of enticing people to come into the studio. Retail is such a hard market. I've had the studio open since August and I'm very pleased with the amount of people who have come. My studio is downtown which is not in the main area of shopping. Word of mouth is the greatest asset right now. My biggest competitor is Hobby Lobby.... but the quality of my products is much better. If you find something on here that you're interested in, please email me for prices. Enjoy your holiday and Merry Christmas. Keep Christ at the center of your thoughts.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bringing Nature In

During the month of October we were at The Lodge in Eagle Nest, NM. My friend, the owner, was a bit desperate for table top decorations so I started going through cupboards and drawers trying to discover an inspirational starting point. I discovered a pair of silver candlesticks, elk antlers, a doily, and some gourds from the kitchen counter. The leaves of the aspens were absolutely gorgeous, so I just cut a few branches, entwined them throughout the found items and created a very colorful tablescape.

In front of the stone fireplace is a round butcher block that has been cut down to cock
tail table height. I added a natural green silk scarf, topped with a porcelain bunny tureen, a rust colored candlestick
surrounded by red berries from the outdoors and a southwest magazine that pulled all the colors together. The mix of old rough texture with the shiny porcelain creates a comfy environment that makes one want to prop up their feet & enjoy the scenes of southwest New Mexico.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Welcome to the Sytsma Home
The inspiration for this room came from the large poppy print which she found for a steal! I was so jealous. Robin's egg blue was chosen for the walls & ceilings to bring out that same color that is in the background writing on the floral print. It also gave a subtle tone amidst the denim sofa and chair. Merideth has carried the black shelf and the red shelf to every apartment she's ever lived in. They've been a multitude of colors. But they look cool no matter what room we put them in. She's also carried this milk crate (shown below) around for years. We hung it as a shelf above the striped chair that she bought off Craig's list.

Although the Tv is as wide as the table underneath, she wouldn't part with the table. It was her grandmothers' and it too has been painted every color imaginable. It still has the original hardware. Old suitcases were used to house the DVD player and to hide the cords. The little white chair was found on the side of the road begging to be rescued.

Here's another shelf that we placed in the dining room. She received some very neat pictures and accessories for wedding presents that worked out perfectly in the grouping.

Be watching for her master bedroom. It's green, black, white, and red!

Kallie Shae's room

Kallie Shae just turned 3 and declares that she is The Princess.. She needed the larger bedroom due to her vast array of clothes, kitchen set and baby doll toys. She's now in a full sized bed which takes up 3/4 of the room. I placed the bed against the wall to give her the maximum amount of play space and used her pink refrigerator as a night stand. The armoire is large, and houses the TV, therefore; the only place to place it was between the two windows.
She manages to have her stroller, table and chairs and her babies all lined up to watch her Disney Princess movies, which she knows them all by heart.
I must say,"She is the Sweetest Princess of them all!"

Sneak Peek was a great success. Close friends and family came in and were so complimentary about the uniqueness of the studio. My cohorts have a fabulous selection of unique, fun, but classy jewelry. Something for every occassion!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Brooks Interior Studio

The Design studio is finished! We are so excited to have our trial run on Saturday from 10-3. I can't even imagine what to expect. For (financial)security's sake, I want tons of people to come; on the other hand, I hope people trickle in throughout the day. That way, we can really show off our products and give great customer service. We'll serve hor devours, so come on in!!!!

I searched the market to find unusual accessories and I have the most gorgeous Country French loveseat and chairs. Must see!

Friday, March 19, 2010

So long to plain jane windows

Draperies/Curtains can be created in a vast array of styles, shapes, patterns, textures & prints. I love how draperies give a finishing touch to pulling an entire room together. I will continually update this section, that is, when I remember to take pictures.
Far left Window Treatment flat roman shade.
Far right window... long drapery panels with a relaxed
topper in matching fabric. Window seat matches drapery panels & pillows were created combining all fabrics.

Matching flat roman shades flank the fireplace creating symmetry at the focal point of the room.

Fan tabbed topper is adorable in this striped silk attached to a 1" exposed rod. Simple but very eye catching against the seafoam green walls.

Caboose to Color Center

The Grand Opening of Aucutts Paint Store in Portales, NM.

RED: The color of vibrancy, energy, excitement. Although the placement of the caboose is set back from the street with buildings on either side, one can't miss the caboose when you drive by. Aucutts pe
rsonnel offer personal, friendly, and immediate customer service! They are excellent at matching stain colors.

Although the background is a soft white, the
neutrality of the walls makes all the antiques, collectables, and features of the caboose stand out. Color palettes are displayed in several of the cubbies.

Ladders aren't just for painting! Use them for shelves, display areas, magazine racks..
..endless opportunities.
The older, more rugged, the more personality it adds to your treasures.

I'm still learning about this program, so one of my pictures isn't showing up. But there's a cozy spot for the customers to lay out all their samples, drink a cup of coffee, and take their time to make all their color choices.

What a fun Grand OPening. Joan Hultman gave demonstrations on wall textures, faux finishes, and color techniques.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paneled offices don't have to be BORING!

This office was originally cluttered with boxes, papers, file cabinets in a different place....atrocious!
But, with a lot of organization, moving the furniture placement.... utilizing the same exact desk (that was not in good shape) and the plain wood atop metal brackets, this office was transformed into a warm, comfortable inviting place that actually made coming to see the personnel director a pleasure!

Cannon Federal Credit Union Branch Office

Break room of CFCU Branch office. You should bank here. They have fresh hot baked cookies every Friday!
Loan office. Love that red wall & new red chairs

CFCU major renovation: Added new tile rug in the new member service desk.

Custom floral arrangements
Motto of the Credit Union
One of the loan offices. Looking busy .... Must be making lots of new loans today!